8 Important Tips to Efficiently Handle Product Return and Fault Management

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Product return is a going concern for your eCommerce website. Customers who buy your product from your online shop can return the product to you for different reasons. If you don’t have a Product Return Policy and fault management system in place your customers can go away from your shop. Here I have discussed 8 important tips to efficiently manage product return system for your online shop.

  1. Don’t get confused what to write in Return Policy. Read what other popular shops have written in your same business category. Then modify it according to your need and planning. You can take help from Business Lawyers to consult about these.
  2. Obey regional consumer laws. Such as in the USA you must take the return of your products if any problem found within 7 days of delivery.
  3. You must accept returns if your delivered product and ordered product are not same or identical. If there are variations, then you must specify it on your product page. So that customers can acknowledge if the exact product is not delivered, it’s not your fault.
  4. You have to accept faulty products because you did not check if everything is OK or not before packaging.
  5. If any product gets damaged in a transition from your place to customer’s place, then you must accept the return and replace that with a good one.
  6. Many times buyers will want to return the product and get the refund because they simply did not like it. It is a complex situation and you have to handle it carefully. If you offer full return, you have to accept the monetary loss due to packaging and delivery charges. But you can request the buyer to ship the product to you as it was at time of purchase with Currier charges paid by him/her. After receiving it you can check is everything alright. If yes then you can issue him full refund, if not then partial refund; deducting the shipping and delivery charges. Remember in this scenario you have to be always polite with the buyer.
  7. When your business grows it is always preferred to use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to easily manage these situations.
  8. Always remember happy customers spread fewer positives but angry and unsatisfied customers spread more negative. So, be cautious always to watch out and monitor your online reputation and Brand image.

Hope you have understood these tips completely and implement them in your online business venture. If you have other tips or suggestions you can share with us here by commenting below.

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