Pros and Cons of Selling at Online Marketplace

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Marketplace Seller / Vendor

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Know about 9 advantages and 13 disadvantages of becoming a Seller/Vendor on Marketplace Websites

9 Advantages when Selling at Marketplaces:

  1. Already established market, so no need to create Demand.
  2. Instantly recognisable by Buyers
  3. Start Selling Fast as soon as uploading your first product.
  4. No need to worry about IT and Infrastructure.
  5. Some Marketplaces even handles your Inventory (e.g. Amazon Prime/FBA)
  6. Already established 24*7 Customer support by Marketplace
  7. Web Hosting
  8. Buyers Pay with confidence
  9. Easy Product Shipping and delivery management
  10. Test your Product’s acceptability among Buyers

13 Disadvantages when Selling at Marketplaces:

  1. Lower Profit Margin even greater Sales
  2. Buyers are Not your Customers
  3. Higher competition inside Marketplace between same type Sellers
  4. Lower Brand Visibility
  5. Product focused not Seller Focused
  6. Not SEO friendly Brand or Products
  7. Missing detail customer analysis and CRM
  8. Higher requirement levels like Tax and Legal papers
  9. Delayed pay-out duration
  10. No Customer Loyalty
  11. No direct communication between Buyer and Seller
  12. Many products are Prohibited at Marketplaces
  13. No Seller’s Store customisation available.

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